The Good Pup Treat Pouch - Brown

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✔️Chic and Practical: Matching your pet's accessories with your own has never been this cute. 'The Good Pup’ Treat Pouch is available in five trendy shades – BROWN, BEIGE, BLACK, OLIVE, and FUSCHIA – ensuring that you and your pup are always coordinated. 

✔️ Like Peanut Butter & Jelly: The Good Pup Treat Pouch comes in every color offered in our collection and pairs perfectly with the Mazie and Millie bags. The Mazie and Millie bags both feature a small D-ring on their leather straps, designed specifically for attaching our Good Pup Treat Pouch with style and ease! 

✔️Structured Zippered Pouch: Keep your pet's treats or small valuables like AirPods and jewelry safe, secure, and within easy reach. 

✔️Look Good, Feel Good: As with all Mazie Days products, 'The Good Pup' Treat Pouch is 100% vegan leather and created with recycled and sustainable materials.