Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Ashley!

You know that moment, you’re out for a walk with your dog, you put your hand in your fanny pack to take out your phone and out follows your chapstick, doggie treats, poop bags, keys and whatever else is jammed into that small single pocket bag? That feeling of frustration, as you hold on to your dog’s leash and try to salvage everything with one hand is not fun. As a dog mom to two pups, Mazie and Millie, and one foster pup, Bear, I’ve been there too many times to count.

I knew there had to be a better way to be dog-walk ready so I could enjoy every step of the way with my pack. When I couldn’t find a bag that offered the compartments and functionality I needed without compromising the style and versatility I wanted, I set out researching, designing, and testing prototypes for Mazie Days. 

Multiple compartments and attachments offer practicality, security, and easy access. A subtle pocket and slit on the back of each bag easily stores and feeds out your pup’s poop bags, so you’re always good to go when they gotta go. Our high-quality vegan leather bags come in a variety of colors and additional chain accessories offer versatility to let your personal style shine and adjustable and removable straps mean you can wear it multiple ways to match your mood, outfit, and plans. 

My hope is that every walk with your pup, day of errands, or night out with friends, will be made better with Mazie Days by your side.

The pup that inspired the brand

And I am Mazie!

When Ashley took me home with her from the shelter, it made me so happy. It was during the pandemic, and it was clear she needed a little pep in her step. 

So I just used my boundless energy and carpe diem attitude to get her out and about for the sunrise and showered her with endless love till I began to turn that frown upside down. We went out on adventures together everyday, exploring new hiking trails, walking around downtown, and even on mom’s paddleboard (I gave that a 0 out of 10 bones). 

Probably just like the BFF curled up next to you, I live each day with so much love and joy – like zooming around the living room at 7am kind of joy. It didn’t take long for my positivity to rub off on my mom and get her back to laughing and living her best life - with me inspiring her to make every day a Mazie Day.”

Giving back

In honor of the four-legged besties who rescue us every day, Mazie Days will highlight a different non-profit animal welfare/rescue organization each quarter and donate a percentage of each Bear bag to help raise funds and awareness to support their mission. 

The first non-profit we’re highlighting is Save An Angel. Save An Angel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to prevent pet overpopulation and homelessness while increasing pet retention of owned pets by providing underserved and at-risk communities with access to affordable wellness care and spay/neuter services for their four-legged family members. To learn more about Save An Angel’s mission and work, visit

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