The Heartbreaker Chain

$24.00 USD
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✔️ Love At First Sight: The Heartbreaker Chain features pale green hearts with gold accents making it a match made in heaven with every style and color in our Mazie and Mille collection.

✔️ Versatility That Will Have You Swooning: Transform The Millie into a handheld bag by removing its leather strap and adding The Heartbreaker Chain, or opt to add the Heartbreaker as a decorative accessory on the front of the Mazie or Millie bags. 

✔️Not Just for Your Bags: We love styling The Heartbreaker as a necklace/choker or double wrapping around the wrist as a bracelet 

✔️Crafted for Durability: Crafted with Alloy, Iron , and featuring multiple plating with sealing glaze for fade resistance, this chain is built to withstand daily wear while retaining its vibrant appearance.